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Elevate your brand's marketing potential

The eye catching appearance of Holographics displays gives your business the edge needed to turn heads and capture consumer's focus.

Our cutting edge hologram technology showcases your products like never before. Realistic and stunning 3D visuals open up a world of possibility for your marketing.

Showcase Your Products

Leave an Impression

Add an unforgettable visual element to your event or promotional space. Our displays elevate your brand's presence with visual marketing that actually excites.

Attract Attention

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An all-in-one hologram display solution

Easy Installation

Our hologram displays are complete units, designed to fit seamlessly into your existing expo stand or retail space.

Simple Operation

Our client's experience is our number 1 priority, Wi-Fi and app control allowing for ease of use and operation.

Elegant Design

Showcase your brand with the forefront of visual technology, presented with a clean, minimalist look.

Our Products

HG-65 Hologram Fan

Available to purchase for permanent retail and commercial applications, our HG-65 hologram fan boasts the latest in 3D display technology.

Complete Hologram Display

A Holographics display brings new life to your visual marketing. Capture audiences with immersive 3D visuals, only possible with a state-of-the-art Holographics display.

HG-33 Hologram Fan

Looking for a convenient way to elevate your marketing? Our HG-33 hologram fan comes in a compact size, perfect for small businesses that need flexibility.




Ready-to-use hologram technology available for purchase and hire Australia-wide

Holographics Hologram Stand Display

Content Development

We create amazing 3D content for all our Holographics displays

Our design team makes professional 3D visuals which effectively showcase your products and communicate your brand's message

Product and services animation

Logo and text animation

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